Nighttime Skincare Routine


1. Cleanser Olay Gentle Clean Foaming Cleanser

Obviously, cleanser is a very important step for any skincare routine. I’ve been using this Olay face wash for a long time, it’s my absolute favorite! I love how gentle it is (my skin can be sensitive, so I don’t like to use anything with a ton of chemicals). Personally, I think face washes that aren’t gentle do more harm than good and cause breakouts. Something gentle like this is perfect!




2. Makeup Remover Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water & Ponds

I love this Micellar Cleansing water from Garnier! It gently removes makeup, helps improve the tone of your skin, helps with dry patches, and moisturizes. Cleanser isn’t going to remove all of your makeup, so micellar water is a great way to remove what’s left over.

Another favorite for makeup removal… Ponds! I’ve used this stuff for years. This stuff not only removes makeup, it’s a deep cold cream cleanser as well!








3. Astringent – Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent

Astringent can improve your skins appearance by minimizing pores and drying up oily skin. Astringent is meant to be applied after cleanser, but before moisturizing. Astringent also helps remove dead skin, bacteria, and any makeup that was left behind even after makeup remover.


4. Moisturizer – Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizer is a very important step in any skincare routine and this Clinique moisturizer is one of my personal favs! It’s so hydrating and again, works well for my sensitive skin. However, I’ve found that when it comes to moisturizer, everyone has their own favorite. I’ve talked to people who do not like this moisturizer at all. I personally love it, but my general recommendation is that you use a moisturizer that YOU love in your skincare routine, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this one! But you should definitely fine one that you like.


5. Eye Cream – Baebody Eye Gel

I found this product on Amazon and I’ve been using it as an eye cream to help with puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, etc. I have to say, it isn’t a MUST HAVE for me (yet!) like the products above. I’m open to trying other things. But I definitely recommend adding an eye gel to your routine. No matter how young you are! The earlier you start using anti-aging creams, the better.



6. Face Mask (2x per week)

A few of my favorites…

Looking to try some new masks and serums! Any suggestions? Leave a comment 🙂

Every Day Makeup Look

Hi guys! For my first beauty post, I thought I’d show you guys my every day, go-to makeup look. I have some great products to share with you guys, I swear by them! I’ve linked all of the products, just click the name of the product if you’d like to shop. I shop at Ulta so I’ve linked these products to their website. If you have any more questions about any beauty products that I use or posts that you’d like to see, please drop a comment below!

Step-By-Step Makeup Routine

urban decay primerStep 1: Primer
I use Urban Decay’s Self Adjusting Complexion Primer. This primer is so lightweight and actually provides some coverage by blending in with your natural skin tone. I just recently started using this product and I absolutely LOVE it. The bottle may look small, but I’ve had it for a little over a month and I still have plenty left, so it should last you for a long time. You only need one pump to cover your whole face!


tarte concealer
Step 2: Concealer
For concealer, I use the infamous Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer. This is a very popular product and after using it I can see why! I just put a little bit of this under my eyes, on my nose, and on and red spots or imperfections on my face. I’ll usually just blend with my finger or use a small beauty blender. This product is only available at Ulta! Another great go-to: Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics (great for anti-aging and wrinkles).

mineral powder



Step 3: Mineral Powder
I actually just use Maybelline Mineral Powder. I realize this is a drugstore brand, but it actually works great and I am mainly just using it as a setting powder. Once I run out, I may try Bare Minerals or MAC. When it comes to drugstore brands, the only thing I 100% cannot buy drugstore brand is eyeshadow. I refuse! It’s just not as quality as the nice makeup brands. Anyways, for the mineral powder I just use a large brush and dab it lightly all over my face. You don’t want to sweep it across because then you’ll move the concealer that you just put on, when it’s supposed to be setting powder.

Step 4: Contour & Highlight
For contour and highlight, I use the Urban Decay Shape Shifter. Guys, this thing is seriously AMAZING! A must have for all makeup gurus. You can do so much with it! It comes with two sides. One side includes 5 cream contour/blush colors that can be used for contouring and highlighting. The other side has 4 powders that are used for contouring and highlighting. I use the powders the most, but the creams are super lightweight and I love them as well. In the above picture, I use the two dark brown powders on the far right to contour. I then use the highlight on the far left.

Step 5: Blush
For blush, I’ll usually just use a color that I like from Covergirl. I also use the cream colors in the Shape Shifter palette! Anyone have a blush they really recommend? I’d love to try a better brand! Drop me a comment below if you have suggestions.

urbandecay bronzerStep 6: Bronzer
For bronzer I use the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder. When I bought this from Ulta, the employees described it as “Beyonce Bronzer”, and let me tell you, it is. I look how shimmery this makes me look, I use it on my chest a lot as well as my face! This comes with a brush on the bottom, but I prefer to use a large powder brush.



Step 7: Eyeshadow

I use the Lorac Pro Palette 3. I am OBSESSED with this palette! It comes with a primer which is perfect, and I love all of the colors. Most of them are very natural which is the look I usually go for. I use the first 3 colors on the bottom row for my lid (just depends on what I’m feeling that day, sometimes I’ll mix a couple). I use the top left color “blanc” for my brow bone, and I’ll use “Dark Mocha” (second to last on the top) for the crease.

Step 8: Eyeliner
I’ve always liked to use a mechanical pencil for eyeliner; however, I’ve recently switched to liquid. You definitely have to have a steadier hand because it’s hard to control and easy to mess up, but I love the way it looks and it makes for perfect wings! I’m currently using the L’Oréal Voluminous Superstar Liquid Eyeliner.

urbandecy troublemaker
Step 9: Mascara
I use the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara. This mascara is SO. FREAKING. GOOD. I believe it’s a new product of Urban Decay’s and I’m so so glad I tried it. It makes my lashes looks so long and voluptuous.

Step 10: Lipstick
I switch it up with lipstick depending on the day and what I’m feeling. Sometimes I’ll just wear a gloss, but I’ve recently started to really get into lipstick and lip liners. NYX is one of my go-to brands. I love the NYX Lingerie lip colors. I’ve linked some of my favs below.
NYX Lingerie Satin Ribbon (lighter color)
NYX Lingerie Cabaret Show (darker color)
NYX Nude Beige Lip Liner
Kylie Jenner Maliboo Matte Lipstick

*YouTube tutorial coming soon*


Love Always,