The Magic of Christmas

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Ahhhh the magical season of Christmas… I love this time of year! On today’s post, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things about Christmas. Also, I’ve added some items to my two gift guides “Gifts for Her” and “Gifts for Him”. Go check them out! You can also find my holiday wish list here.

Also, before I get into my favorite things about Christmas, let me just share a little story on the cozy sweater in these photos of me. If you have me on Snapchat, you’ve already heard the story. It’s basically my own little Christmas Miracle! The story goes like this; I was at the Columbia Mall one day (heck, I go there all the time, I love to shop LOL). I was making a few returns and just shopping around. I was in Altar’d State (one of my favorite stores EVER) and about to make a return and purchase some bangle bracelets (I’m wearing them in my Thanksgiving post, SO CUTE!) Anyways, before I checked out I went over to these cozy sweaters that I had my eye on for weeks. I debated buying it, but I knew I couldn’t afford it (they’re $100, a little steep for me). A woman who worked at Altar’d State came over and said “are you still doing alright?” I told her yes, thank you. Then, me being the outgoing person that I am, said to a mother and her daughter who looked about my age “Really, I’m not doing okay. I want this jacket but I can’t afford it.” Before you know it, I was talking to both of them like we had been friends for years. They were asking me what colors I liked, what size they should get, etc. The mother said “what do you think? A small?” (I thought she was talking about her daughter). I said “yeah, I think a small would be good!” She goes, “well try it on, see if it fits.” At that moment, I got confused. I went back to the dressing room to look at the fit, and it fit perfectly! I loved it. She said “well give it to me, I’m going to go buy it.”  A COMPLETE STRANGER WHO I HAD JUST MET BOUGHT ME AND HER DAUGHTER A $100 JACKET. I didn’t know what was going on, I was in such shock! The daughter told me, “don’t feel bad, you just made her day.” Are you kidding me?!?! She made my day!!! I gave her a hug and said thank you so much. Turns out there is still good left in the world. I also really believe in karma, so I think this was just some good karma for me. I also believe it was a sign from God. I had been going through some rough patches at the time, and this made me realize that there is so much good in this life and that everything was going to be just fine.

Anyways, on to my favorite things about Christmas. Hope you all enjoy!!

Favorite Holiday Traditions

Christmas Eve  – Christmas Eve is probably my favorite day of the whole year. We have so many traditions in my family and just something about the day itself feels magical and makes me feel really thankful. My family goes to church at 5 o’clock, then we head over to my grandma’s house where we have an amazing dinner, a few gifts, and an ornament exchange. The kids of the family get to open our stocking’s from grandma which are filled with goodies. It’s also been a tradition for years that my grandma get’s all of the kids Christmas PJs!! I love this tradition. We also do a DIY ornament exchange where everyone makes an ornament and we do sort of a white elephant type exchange, where no one knows who made what until the end. It’s so much fun!!

Christmas Cookie Baking – My family always makes sooooo many cookies for Christmas and we’ve made the same ones for years now! Holly cookies are definitely a tradition, along with peanut butter blossoms, magic bars, and sugar cookies. My favorites are definitely turtle thumbprint cookies, they are so good!! Recipes and pictures coming soon.

Decorating the Tree – Of course, like in most households, decorating the tree is a tradition in my family. We love getting the ornaments out of the box that we’ve used year after year and jamming to some Christmas music while we put up the tree. There’s nothing like it!! And when the tree is done, I love relaxing on the couch with a Christmas movie, some wine, and a fire in the fireplace. The Christmas tree just gives off a cozy vibe and I love having it up.

Starbucks Holiday Drinks

The day those holiday drinks come out, I’m in line!! Maybe I’m just basic, but I love everything about the holiday drinks. For one, they’re delicious (all of the holiday drinks are better than the Pumpkin Spice Latte; yup, I said it!) and plus, the cups are so cute. My absolute FAVORITE drink around the holidays is the Eggnog Latte. It’s usually not on the actual menu, but it’s a must try if you like eggnog! Another favorite of mine this year is a Flat White with a few pumps of Cinnamon Dolce. 

Wrapping Gifts

For some reason, I’ve been super excited to buy gifts and wrap this year. I’ve always loved to wrap, but it’s December 1st and I already have my entire immediate family’s Christmas gifts done and wrapped. I’m ahead of the game! I’m just so good at shopping for myself, I guess doing it for other people comes just as easy.

I’ve gotten super good at wrapping over the years and even learned how to tie ribbon this year, I’m doing a video tutorial or a post soon, so keep a look out!

Christmas Music

Who doesn’t love Christmas music?! Heck, I was listening to it in November. I don’t care what anyone says! Holiday playlist with some of my favorite songs coming very soon to this post!

Winter Fashion

Last but not least, as a fashion blogger you know I love all of the winter fashions this time of year. I love the colors (greens, maroons, whites, taupe, etc.), the fabrics (velvet is super popular right now), and all of the accessories (scarves, beanies, etc.). Also, I have so many favorite shoes this time of year, from booties to over the knee boots!

I already have lots of outfits planned that I’m going to be doing shoots in. Hopefully I’ll be doing outfit posts at least a couple times a week so keep a look out!

Altar’d State Cozy Fur Pullover in Charcoal | Black Speckled Cuffed LYM Beanie | PJ Pants (I got these last year at Target, but Target always has cute Christmas PJs!!)

Again, I’ll be updating this post the whole month of December with various things (cookie recipes, holiday playlists, gift wrapping tutorial, etc.) Keep a look out and follow me on social media!! Thanks so much for reading, happy December and Merry Christmas!!

Love Always,